How To Apply

Should you find a property you really want, get your application in immediately and include as much information as possible. This will maximise your chance of getting the property.


Steps to follow:

Always ensure you have all the supporting documentation you need so you can complete the application straight away. Your application CANNOT be processed unless all documents are provided.


This is our checklist:



Provide a copy of ONE (1) form of photo identification:


  • Current driver's licence, OR
  • Current passport and visa (if applicable), OR
  • Student ID card, OR
  • Proof of age card

Provide copies of TWO (2) documents showing your name and address, for example:


  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Electricity or gas account
  • Water account
  • Telephone account
  • Bank statement
  • Tax assessment notice

Proof of Income

Provide ONE (1) of the following:


  • If employed, copies of your last three (3) payslips
  • If applicable, copies of your Centrelink statement, child support statement OR family tax benefit statement
  • If you are self-employed, please provide a reference from your accountant and a copy of your most recent tax return
  • If your income comes from overseas, clear evidence of the source and amount needs to be provided

Proof of current residency (rental or own home)

If you are currently renting:


  • A copy of your tenancy history ledger, OR
  • A copy of your most recent tenancy agreement (lease), OR
  • If this is a private arrangement (does not include an agent), provide names, phone numbers and email addresses for owners (for example, you may be living with parents or guardians)

If you have been living in your own home:


  • Provide a copy of a recent water account or council rates notice, OR
  • If your house is being sold, please provide the name and telephone number of the selling agent

After you have inspected the property and decided you wish to apply, find the property on our website and click the "Apply Now" button;


Then fill in your details as requested.


We will be in contact as soon as possible to inform you whether your application has been successful or unsuccessful.


If approved for a property, you will then have 24 hours to secure it by paying a holding deposit - our team will give you further details on this.


Properties are sometimes leased very quickly

..... in some cases the day we commence marketing the home. You may even find they are leased before you get time to submit your application. Why is this the case? We expedite the application process so we can minimise disappointment to all tenants looking at the property. Despite our best efforts to prevent this frustration (which we often share), it may be unavoidable.

Sometimes your application may be held up

.... whilst we always process applications as quickly as possible, there can be delays. This can be due to a number of reasons - the number of applications we have received for the property, we may be waiting for final approval from the owner or to confirm a reference. We do genuinely understand the frustration of house hunting, so we will try to minimise the waiting time for you if we can.